My Wife Cheated on Me and I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

You might be in such condition and feeling so much depressed because you might be thinking that “I don’t trust my wife anymore“. Do you really think she cheated on you or it is just a creativity of your mind ? Before searching for the answers of your questions, you first need to find out what you are thinking is really true or not ? Sometimes people gets jealous with your ideal relationship and try their best to ruin your marriage life so you really need to figure out that either your doubts are true or not. I know being cheated by someone you really care feels bad and hurts alot but you need to make sure everything before taking any serious action.

Wife Cheat on Husband

spying-cheating-spouseHave you figured out how come we are interested in another person even when we are in a relationship, something in our own mind or any activity of our partner ? Whenever we find some qualities in other people which we love or which we admire, we become interested in these types of people. We love to remain involved in those activities that provides us a lot of satisfaction. So always keep these in your mind, confront your spouse boldly and extract out the juice of philosophy buzzing inside her thoughts. Ask your girlfriend/wife in straightforward words the key reason why she is diverted and the reason why she isn’t making the most of your company having full satisfaction and mirth. If perhaps she discloses  and desires a number of efforts to be needed on your side, try your very best self to get clear with that side. Simultaneously, open up your wings as well. Let her know in crystal clear words exactly what you need on her part. And then mutually draw up a plan of action and fix a time period for that. Don’t say any harsh word to her, and see the results. Once you achieve good results even though just a little, be polite with your partner, give her time to solve out the issues on her side.

If you feel that she is ashamed on what she has done to you, then let her clear her part. Give her your love and support because she wants to assure you that she will never do this again. But on the other side if she don’t bother it and keep the bad deeds then you should consider other actions because she is not at all made for you. Your duty is to give her time and after the time period, its your time to take actions.

One of my friends once told me his story, he said my wife cheated on me with my friend now what should i do ? should I take her back or not? He was in deep tension and asking that how do i get over it. I told him the same thing I discussed above and he talked to her and discussed the matter. After one month he met me again and was very happy with his life. He was very excited to tell me that his wife is back to him and both are living a happy life.

My Wife Cheated on Me Should I Cheat on Her

my wife cheated on me with my friendNo you should not cheat on her you should forgive her because cheating on her won’t help to save the relation and it will create more mess and trouble in your marriage life. Remember you should not do anything that cause breakup. Everyone needs a second chance even in our personal life, we do many bad things, we all cheat on God in our daily life; Do you expect God that he will forgive you ? Obviously Yes. Do unto your spouse what you would like God to do with you, and accept the outcomes. You should focus on your children and you should not stress yourself excessively, but you must work on it the both of you. Give her a chance to prove herself. Betterment in a relationship begins with acceptance and trust. Perhaps even the most beautiful, wealthiest and also sweetest people today can certainly have this specific experience.

You need to make her feel special. And make her understand that nobody on this planet could love her just as much as you love her. And try to trust her or at least show her that you trust her and let her know that you’ve forgiven her for all sorts of things, the things she have done in the past.I know this will be extremely difficult for you but it really will help to save the relationship, the marriage to be very precise.

All the best.

How Can I Know If My Wife is Cheating on Me

Very first you need to be clean by yourself before having doubts on your wife. If you are not clean either then you don’t have any right to object on your wife’s activities.

In case you don’t know if your wife is still cheating on you and you want to keep eye on her activities (just to be on the safe side) then there are many ways. You can spy on her but usually it is hard to spy on someone for the whole day and even nights. The best way I know is to track down her cell number. There are many companies offering their services and they will help you to find out what exactly your spouse is doing beside you. Today everyone uses cell phone and tracking the messages and call history can easily let the other partner know what their wife or girlfriends or husbands or boyfriends are doing. Are they really cheating or not. You can easily find out.

Spying your spouse is legal and you don’t need to worry about it and it is okay to spy on spouse. Reverse mobile offers good services and will surely help you to catch your cheating wife or cheating husband (in case they really are cheating). Their rates are affordable and offer you a complete tracking.

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