Why do Men Cheat on Their Girlfriends

Why do Men Cheat ? this is kind of a million dollar question for girls and every girl needs a perfect answer that why the hell their boyfriends cheat on them if they really love them ? So today we will discuss the most common reasons why men cheat on their girlfriends. If you are a girlfriend or wife of someone and truly love them then you have a solid reason to stay on this topic and read the rest what I am going to explain today.

Why do Men Cheat ?

There was a report published in a paper a few months back and it was quite shocking for me. A research indicates that approximately in between 15 % of women and 20 % of men are unfaithful. But most of the women are less likely to get caught. The report also states that around 95% of females and 83 % of males revealed they “successfully” cheated without having their partners ever knowing. However the successful cheating ratio is more in married cheaters as compare to unmarried ones but we will discuss the detail later, today we are discussing the cheating habit in men.

why boyfriend cheatsSo the question again comes

Why Boyfriends have an affair with Someone else ?

This is something like a nightmare if you start thinking that your boyfriend is cheating on you with some other girl. Infect you can not stop the haunting images appearing in your head and thoughts and it really can ruin your entire life. You cannot concentrate on any work whatsoever and everything messes up. So it is very important to know the reasons why do men cheat in relationship.

Guys are unfaithful (not all) basically due to the fact they don’t realize or perhaps don’t care about the outcome of their activities. Obviously it is a selfish behavior. Such people never figured out to think just outside of themselves or maybe if they do, they do not care sufficiently to avoid such actions or may be they are more concerned to satisfy their body than their soul. However people today attempt to mix up the two, regardless of whether you think being faithful with one partner for the whole life  is natural but cheating is an unnatural thing where cheater tend to fulfill their certain needs.

In most of the cases, cheating men are always seeking to satisfy their physical needs. Reasons could be anything i.e. more access to the pornographic material, workplace where he has a lot of girls working etc. You need to figure out what could be the reason your boyfriend is not happy with you on the bed. You are satisfying him on the bed or not ? If not then he will consider searching someone to do your job because men are mad about sex it is hard to control the sexual desire. I personally took many surveys and figured out that most of the cheater men are looking for a better sex.

however , even these types of guys are hardly ever seeking to leave the woman they are committed  with. Yes this is fact that they don’t want to break the relationship but still need someone else  to be with them for certain time period.

In some cases, I have figured out that men show interest outside and date some other women because they have fight with their partner everyday. Men become emotionally stressed when their partner fight them for no solid reason. So they try to spend less time in home and prefers to be with someone who could make them feel happy and relaxed.

There could be many more reasons of “Why do Men Cheat”. If you are a victim of a cheating boyfriend, you need to work out to get the evidences because cheaters don’t deserve you and in most of the cases, cheaters remain cheaters no matter how much they pretend to change themselves. If you are in such condition, you need to keep an eye on your partner otherwise he might repeat the same thing and let you burn from inside just as you were in previous days.

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