Why Women Cheat in Relationships – Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

why women cheat in relationships especially when their men are good and sincere with them? This is a question that the majority of good guys would love to know the answer to. Particularly when their girlfriends or wives are cheating on them.

It’s actually a problematic feel for all those men whenever their spouse cheats on them. It really is a depressing scenario for men but girls have got a number of reasons why they are unfaithful. By simply figuring out their outlook it will be possible to prevent it from taking place later on and even get to know just what exactly encouraged your girlfriend to take such steps. A new research found out that women cheat more than men. There could be many reasons and I am sharing with all of you a few reasons why girls cheat in relationship.

Signs of a Cheating GirlfriendWhy Women Cheat on Their Boyfriends

The most significant reason why women do the unimaginable act is the fact they simply do not feel to be important and also non-valued by their husbands or boyfriends. A woman just needs to feel important to her guy, the woman would need to consider that she actually is valued in all the matters and being loved by her man, and whenever she does not have that, she may possibly try to find it elsewhere. The majority of females put a lot into their romantic relationships, that whenever they think that they are ignored plus not appreciated in some or all the matters, they may overcome with a perception of disappointment as well as worthlessness.

If you do a job that required you to spend most of your time in the office, regardless of what it may be, your girlfriend or wife definitely will thinks that you aren’t spending sufficient time together with her or not giving her sufficient attention. She might also think that you might be cheating on her and will create irritation and anger. She could then try to find somebody who can pay attention to her. So if you are late at work or on a business tour, you need to call her regularly and let he feel that you care for her. Bring gifts for her when getting back home. This will make her feel special and she will never chat on you.

Economic tension sparks frustration which could make your women to have another relationship. The reason mainly because what your girlfriend or wife wants from you is the financial security. Regardless how sophisticated the economical situation might be, generally in most communities the guy still is consider as the one who must work and bring money in home. If you unable to provide her enough food or unable to fulfill her financial needs, she will quickly realize this as weak point in you which will lead her to go looking somewhere else (someone else to be very precise).

Another big reason is the sexual dissatisfaction your woman might be facing while being with you. Your wife or girlfriend might be in need of more sex or she might be interested in something new or her libido wants more than you can provide, then there are high chances that your woman will look somewhere else to fulfill her sexual desire. This is the fact that infidelity in the marriage or in a relationship could be caused by sexual dissatisfaction. This thing has been observed by experts quite a lot of times that when women are unable to get their sexual desires fulfilled, they will definitely find someone to please her on the bed. It looks really odd when married women cheat but the thing is, they want her to be satisfied fully and in all the means.

Yesterday I was reading a blog where a guy asked that “my girlfriend cheating on me with my best friend” now what should I do, should I leave her or not. The reason he was asking because he loved her too much and he didn’t wanted to loose her. When I read thoroughly, I came to know that he was unable to satisfy her on the bed and her girlfriend always desire for more after every play on the bed. This wasn’t shocking for me as the reason was clear that his girlfriend was unable to control her sexual desire and she finally found someone who could give her on the bed what exactly she want.

Sharing your bed with someone else is really hard thing to do, being a women I also feel that this probably is the most difficult for a good women to have sex with someone other than her boyfriend or husband and have affairs.

So if you want to save your relationship, you need to focus on the points I have discussed above. Still if you think that you are doing the best to save the relationship but your girlfriend isn’t, then you have to think the other way. Being unfaithful always hurts and everyone must be extremely careful while being in a relationship no matter the relationship is new or old.

Another thing I have noted that girls are too much dangerous when they cheat. The reason I am saying so is that I have seen many such cases when girls are in relationship with someone other than their husbands and still they keep it in secret. Last month I visited my friend in New York, we spent our childhood together then she moved with her parents in another town. Anyhow she told me that she is in a relationship with another man other than her boyfriend and she is very happy with that and she is with him on the bed for more than 2 years and her boyfriend don’t know anything about it. I asked her the reason and she told me the exact reason I have already mentioned above.

Spy on Your Girlfriends Cell Phone

You might be thinking that “I want to spy on my gf cell phone“, then you absolutely have full rights to spy on her because of the past experience of you with her or your ex-girlfriend.

In such cases, I will highly recommend you to keep eye on the activities on your girlfriend / wife. Believe me this isn’t wrong to spy on your partner, what you are doing is just to save your relationship, that’s all.

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